Terms, Conditions & Privacy

These terms and conditions shall govern your use of our software Applications (websites, mobile applications, software services, etc.). By using any software Application made available to you by the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (CSAS) at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), you accept these terms and conditions in full.

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Terms & Conditions


  1. Definitions
    1. UniSQ means the University of Southern Queensland.
    2. Application means any software Application (websites, mobile applications, software services, etc.) made available to you by the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ).
  2. Licence
    1. UniSQ grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable licence to use the Application for your own internal purposes on the following terms and conditions.
    2. You must only use, download or access the Applications on devices you control.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that the Application is owned by or licensed to UniSQ and that the use, download or access to the Application by you does not give you any intellectual property rights in the Application other than use rights in accordance with these terms.
    4. The Application is intended to be relevant for use in Australia only.
  3. Terms of use
    1. UniSQ may but is not obliged to make updates to the Application from time to time.
    2. You acknowledge and agree that the Application may not be available from time to time. UniSQ may interrupt any service or access to the Application for any reason including for maintenance of the Application, or at any time cease offering the Application to you.
    3. You must not, in connection with use of the Application:
      1. perform any illegal or unlawful act;
      2. infringe the intellectual property rights of any person;
      3. engage in any fraudulent, harassing, defamatory, discriminatory or offensive behaviour; or
      4. act in a manner that is unacceptable to UniSQ.
    4. UniSQ may change these terms from time to time. Each time you access the Application, you must read these terms and by continuing to use the Application, you accept these terms as amended.
  4. Your obligations
    1. You must not:
      1. decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the whole or any part of the Application; or
      2. make any modification to the Licensed Application.
    2. You must at all times in connection with use of the Application, comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Privacy
    1. UniSQ is committed to protecting your privacy. All collection and use of data and personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (QLD) and according to our Privacy Policy located at: https://unisq.edu.au/privacy
    2. All collection of data and personal information is incidental only and only used to inform the performance of the Application and is not intended to target any person or groups of people.
  6. Termination

    If you breach any of these terms, UniSQ may immediately terminate your access to the Application without any notice to you.

  7. No warranty and limitation of liability
    1. You acknowledge and agree that
      1. the Application is provided ‘as is’ and you use the Application at your own risk;
      2. the Application contains third party material or data; (iii) UniSQ does not make any warranty or representation that the Application or those third party materials incorporated in the Application are accurate or complete, do not infringe the rights of any person, or is suitable for your purposes; and
    2. UniSQ is not liable for any errors or omission in results arising from use of the Application or other information derived from the Application. To the maximum extent permitted by law, UniSQ excludes all liability however arising (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or breach of statute), and all warranties, guarantees and representations, in connection with your use of the Application. To the extent that UniSQ is unable to exclude such liability, warranties, guarantees or representations, UniSQ limits its liability (at its option) to the re-supply of the Application or the cost of supply of the Application.
    3. UniSQ is not liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage incurred by you in connection with your use of the Application, including loss of anticipated savings, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity, loss or corruption of data or any loss or damage in connection with third party claims.
    4. These terms are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland.